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We offer multiple market-leading cloud hosting solutions, supported by tools, services, and connectivity that help you realise the promise and value of cloud, and enable innovation and change. Wherever you are in your cloud journey, we can support you and provide solutions to your business challenges, help reduce complexity, risk, and unlock data insights to drive your business forward.

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Xenium Premium Business Hosting

Experience the next generation of web hosting
and grow your online presence with digital expert.

Xenium hosting is a cost-effective web hosting solution ideal for businesses and websites that need to maintain fast load times, during sudden traffic spike from sales or promotions. It is noted for its reliability, scalability, and flexibility.​


Our Cloud hosting services is designed to deliver affordable, powerful, flexible or mission-critical hosting server solutions with maximum network redundancies. You can get everything you need from our broad range of cloud hosting solution for any workload. Built on state of the art technology, JPStream’s Cloud server solutions provide your business with the flexibility, value and agility it needs for day to day operations or large projects.

Xenium Hosting




In the last ten years, I've used two other providers. Both are more expensive and not as robust and workable it turns out. Customer service was also adequate but, compared to JPStream, robotic and near worthless. Seriously impressed with the service and how I'm taken care of. We love working with JPStream.