We just wanted to run through everything that happened here at JPStream in the last month that you should know about, 

in case you missed any of it.

In the first quarter of this year, We increased our network and presence points.


  • Our Premium Data centers in Asia, Japan, Singapore have increased their network
  • New Australian data center are now available in Sydney
  • Our popular European data center are now available in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and London.
  • We launched two more data center in May: Dallas and Atlanta. 
  • We currently have 12 data center worldwide, and more are on the way.

We have increased storage capacities on our cloud server hosting plans.


We also launched new Self-Hosting Services 


Xenium, Zeon Standard and Zeon HiPerf cloud hosting services specifically tailored for businesses.

 You can learn more about our new Self-Hosting Services in our platform hosting.


New JPStream store offer you some great deals about IPFS and CHIA XCH Miner products.


We have a lot more planned for the next months,

so keep an eye out for our emails. 

We’ll talk to you soon.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

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