Discovering Digi ID

What is Digi ID ?

Digi ID is an authentication protocol, where the secret is tied to your existing DigiByte Wallet.

How do I use Digi ID?

Install a Digi ID compatible wallet (Currently DigiBytego and DigiByte-Wallet)

Login to websites like never before. No more username & password combinations. No more SMS authentication. No more 2FA. All you need is in a single function, supported by all DigiByte wallets. No need to remember all the different passwords, or (even worse) store them in a single application.

Blockchain-backed cryptography

The Blockchain has shown over the last 9 years that it's not crackable, thanks to amazing mathematics, encryption, and unfathomably large numbers.

Resistance to cyber threats

Because it's not enough to just have a Username / Password / SMS. You need to be totally safe!

Seamless & quick integration

Just install one of our ready-built plugins and you're good to go! Or, you can create your own plugin for your own service.

Lifetime free service

Free of charge to use Digi-ID, offer it to users, No ads, and there's no catch! Just the DigiByte Foundation helping give back to the world and secure the internet


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Friday, April 9, 2021

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