Premium Windows VPS Hosting at an Affordable Cost

Dedicated hosting solutions that offer superior performance and reliability
  • GSW50
    • Memory 1GB Ram

      vCPU 2 Core

      Storage 50GB

      Network 100Mbps
  • GSW100
    • Memory 2GB Ram

      vCPU 3 Core

      Storage 100GB

      Network 100Mbps
  • GSW200
    • Memory 4GB Ram

      vCPU 4 Core

      Storage 200GB

      Network 100Mbps
  • GSW400
    • Memory 8GB Ram

      vCPU 6 Core

      Storage 400GB

      Network 100Mbps
  • GSW800
    • Memory 16GB Ram

      vCPU 8 Core

      Storage 800GB

      Network 100Mbps
  • GSW1600
    • Memory 32GB Ram

      vCPU 10 Core

      Storage 1600GB

      Network 100Mbps